We translate texts from all languages (European and from further afield) and any regional language spoken in Spain into Spanish (direct translation) and in the opposite direction (reverse translation), in printed or digital formats. We also adapt texts in Latin American Spanish into Peninsular Spanish.

As well as translation, we also provide editing and proofreading services for texts, if required. You will receive the definitive texts that can be inserted directly into the chosen support, or printed and bound.

Our team of translators is formed of native speakers who are highly qualified in a range of specialities and professionals from the fields of Law, Journalism, Literature, Pedagogy, Economics, Tourism, etc. Our translation professionals have a broad wealth of experience and always bear in mind the target audience at which the text is aimed.

As well as standard translation, we also provide a sworn translation service for legal documentation such as contracts, certificates, diplomas, etc.

Catalan, Basque, Galician and Spanish • German • French • English • Italian • Portuguese • Mandarin Chinese • Russian • Swedish • Thai, etc.