The quality of contents is significantly enhanced when the text is free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and is presented with uniform typography (body and types of letter, use of italics and bold, etc.).

Without doubt, the highest quality texts are the result of good content and optimal editing and presentation. To achieve this, it is crucial to proofread the text before its publication:

  • Orthotypography: respecting the style of the text, we identify and correct errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation. We standardize the typography and apply italics and bold text appropriately, as well as any other typographic resource.
  • Style: We adapt the text to the chosen style, modifying and standardizing the original tone, always bearing in mind the target audience at which the text is aimed (professional, young, children, etc.), including revision of the orthotypography.

The client decides. In either case, our proofreading services always respect the meaning of the information and terms will not be substituted if the meaning of the text is altered as a result.

Orthotypography • Style • Originals • Desktop publishing • Printed and digital • Plotters, etc.