There are many companies and professionals that, in their day-to-day work, face doubts regarding the correct way to write a term, whether it should be written in italics because it is foreign or, on the contrary, it should be written in roman type because it has now been added to the Diccionario de la Real Academia (DRAE). Or perhaps they are unsure whether the initial should be in upper or lower case, or whether the appropriate preposition is 'en', 'a' or 'de', etc.

Aware of need for support in such matters, Caja Alta Edición & Comunicación offers a Linguistic Consultancy service for companies and professionals. This service enables clients to resolve their doubts regarding the correct way of writing practically immediately, almost always within minutes, either in writing (by e-mail) or by telephone.

In addition, as in everything we do, we do not limit ourselves simply to resolving the doubt raised but also, where appropriate, we suggest alternatives which express the message you wish to convey more concisely, bearing in mind the objective sought and the target audience at which the text is aimed.

The different options that this service offers adapt to the client's needs in such a way that we can offer a range of pricing packages based on the number of enquiries that are required per month, always striving to ensure maximum flexibility.

Explain your needs to us and we will send you a quote without obligation that is adapted to your requirements.

Writing and stylistic enquiries • Corporate, marketing and training texts, etc.